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A chance for your career – and mutual discretion

We want to get to know you in your full complexity. We want to establish a trust-based relationship with you and inform you of your chances and opportunities. We guarantee complete confidentiality and handle your information with discretion and care.

Recruitment shouldn’t be a selection method but a bilateral discovery process. We want to establish a dialogue with you – and we want to know what your expectations, your way of working and your conditions are. We want to get to know you as a person, as well as the chances you have to be successful in your desired position.

We won’t only provide facts – we’ll also give you access to all details and challenges regarding a position.


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Career Dialogue

You haven’t found your dream job just yet? It would have been a good thing for both you and I. But instead of waiting to find it, let’s start our career dialogue.

You’re ambitious and you’re not happy waiting for a call or having a software program or freshly baked HR intern throw you and your fifteen years of relevant experience out of the selection process just because you didn’t mention one keyword. You’re tired of getting the same answers in the lines of “we’re sorry we can’t offer you a position and wish you all the best for your future career.”  Such recruiting processes are everywhere – they’re very efficient but not really effective – do you want to base your professional future on them? Of course not! The best thing for you is to (more…)

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Guarantee for Business Success

The best way to minimize risk and to reach the desired goals is to well prepare a new position and to closely manage the collaboration of the hiree with the core team.

Your goals should be clear. Collaboration and innovation should be given priority in order to maximize value production in your new team.  One a secondary level (more…)

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We’re focused on family-owned companies and corporations, whose needs and expectations we know particularly well.

Perfect job fits aren’t ten or twenty percent better, they improve things exponentially. The missing link is more than a good individual, it’s someone with a personality who fully understands the challenge on hand and quickly gets hold of the matter regardless of market and company conditions. This is who we’re good at finding.

We have the best C-level connections in various parts of the industry: service, trade, construction. We also specialize on sales – key account and sales managers, sales directors, purchasing, project and product management. Moreover, we are well experienced in filling out HR positions. Give us a call and we’ll gladly discuss your needs and job filling strategies.

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12 months’ guarantee

The leaders we provide you must reach their full capacity within twelve months, regardless of how difficult their job or the context are. If this doesn’t happen, we think the position should be filled again – and we’ll do that for you free of charge.

We know you want more than just to hire someone – you want to solve specific problems and have concrete results. We guarantee this will happen not only because we bring someone on board, but because through our “Guarantee for Business Success” we support you, your superiors, your colleagues and your staff in converting the new position into ROI.


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3 months’ guarantee

With our job filling we guarantee that the new team member will successfully develop on his potential in his work along his superiors, team and staff. If these expectations are not met, we think you should refill the position – and we will do this for you, free of charge.

It’s always chemistry – different aspects of the hireer’s character and skills combine with the different requirements of the job and its context to produce successful solutions.  Our strength lies in recognizing all these facets – we will consult you during all steps of the discovery, selection and decision process; moreover, we will also bear the responsibility for the decisions taken.

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Process guarantee

Search only – with intuition and expertise.

Once you’ve defined a job profile we’ll trigger the search in all headhunting, executive search and recruiting channels. We’ll also use our contacts to find you the right people. We’ll provide you with all relevant information to help you reach your decision, which will be your own responsibility.