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Guarantee for Business Success

The best way to minimize risk and to reach the desired goals is to well prepare a new position and to closely manage the collaboration of the hiree with the core team.

Your goals should be clear. Collaboration and innovation should be given priority in order to maximize value production in your new team.  One a secondary level, processes and procedures should be analyzed to streamline your organisation.

Unproductive behavior always has consequences. You often hear that “anybody could come do the job, it doesn’t matter” or that “the new guy should prove himself before we let him into our circle.” The core team can have its mind set avoiding challenges or staying in their comfort zone, in which case it will go directly against the new member’s drive. If this happens too often, a performance-hostile, change-resistant structure will form and the hiree quickly changes. It can also happen that the hiree plays it safe and makes no move that could compromise his position. The chance to critically analyze and improve your processes has been destroyed in all of the above situations.

Are you sure this doesn’t happen in your company?

Comfort and bad behavior affect the success of your job filling. Coaching the new member isn’t going to change the others’ unproductive behavior and the fatal ramifications it has. Prioritising innovation and collaboration from the very beginning is key in the onboarding process. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks – but you know that anyway.

Value creation = Priority Zero

HEADTALENTS is here to help. During the first months we will accompany and consult the hiree, his superiors and if necessary his colleagues. We’ll define goals, observe progress, mitigate risks and problems and focus on success with recurring meetings. We’ll always be there for you and your new team member to secure goal completion using our full array of tools. We’ll show high sensitivity and zero tolerance towards defensive, uncooperative and unproductive behavior and we won’t be afraid to intervene politely and precisely. You’ll get

  • Improved innovation and performance
  • Faster and fuller completion of your goals
  • Precise monitoring of your value creation chain
  • A twelve month’s guarantee

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