People shape the future
HEADTALENTS is a headhunting association, engaging key players & C-level executives that help your company change and grow.

HEADTALENTS is a management consultancy, providing your company with know-how to win the war for talents.



Recruitment is dealing with the future.

August Kotzmaier


Get the Right People

As an entrepreneur you carry a responsibility few can understand; despite your intuition and experience success is hard to predetermine. Market and staffing conditions force you delegate critical points to others, who have a limited understanding of the situation at hand.

You are looking for experts who handle different topics for you and are able to respect your decisions despite their technical expertise. You want your leading employees to implement your decisions but also what lay between the lines. You want your managers to work for you and to inform you of new developments in a timely manner. You need staff members who are both personally and technically the right people, competent and self aware, staff members who can serve you at the highest level. These are the business partners you will meet through Headtalents.

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Passion. What Else?

Let’s face it: it’s hard to find executives who bring both passion and empathy, who are intuitive yet possess deep skills and special qualifications. One needs their business partners to wholeheartedly accept responsibility and to inspire and motivate through their authenticity and decisiveness. Only persuasive leaders can deal with the pressure to innovate and meet complex requirements in today’s dynamic markets – but they are paid little tribute by standardized recruiting processes.  We at HEADTALENTS win them over with our Career Dialogue.

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Partnership for the Future

It’s always a challenge to integrate high achievers into your organisation. Working and innovating together should be the priority from the beginning onward – but this doesn’t happen by itself, as there are always different interest and ways of working involved. Most of the time it takes months until the results are in, and they’re not always good. This is where Headtalents plays a critical role. We accompany the onboarding process and provide a twelve month guarantee on our work; we’re not only executive searchers, we stay as long as it takes to reach the results you’re aiming for. Let’s talk about what you want to accomplish!

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No standard procedures – just focus on people, their potential & effectivity.

Georg Parlow


Ready to Change Your Team?

Do you want to innovate? Expand? Provide effective leadership? Turn around your company? Or do you want to find a replacement for a key member of your staff? There’s a lot of potential in your company and outside of it – talent, enthusiasm, deep skills, out-of-the-box thinking, you name me.

We do straight talk, we use all channels to reach candidates and report to you continuously about our talent pool. We carry our Career Dialogue to win key players, high potentials and experts, all of them personalities with a proven track record who can bring much richness into your company.

You can be sure we know the candidates we suggest very well. We immerse them into the key success parameters of working together with your core team and inform you about your expected leadership work and success potential of the individual candidates.

We’re here for you after you occupy the position – we support the onboarding process and offer you a twelve month guarantee for completing the goals you have.

Ready to Change Your Career?

Are you looking for more meaning and responsibility? Support and recognition? A new beginning? A career step that doesn’t only propel you upward, but also helps you develop on a personal level?

There’s only a few of them, but truly innovative companies know what’s important. Jobs in which there’s room both for your skills and for your personality, where your drive makes a difference, both inside the company and out. Bosses who say thanks and make you feel it, and colleagues who work with you and not against you, where work is relaxed and fulfilling.

We’re here to help you develop your potential for success through our Career Transition Service. We want to get to know you and all the facets of your personality. We want to have a trust-based relationship with you and let you know about your chances and opportunities – things are straightforward if we’re open to each other, this is why we offer our Career Dialogue and our custom-fit Career Consulting.


As headhunters and HR consultants we understand our trade well. We’re also not afraid to go unorthodox ways, such as listening to our heart and gut – this delivers the best results. Our best reference is the contact we have with you, and the trust-based relationship we build. We will handle all information with discretion and care.

August Kotzmaier

We love complex requirements and people, we enjoy meeting new partners and discovering new potential. We feel inspired by developing personalities and careers and are in awe at how simple it sometimes is to reach great goals – by working out the chemistry of tasks, boundary conditions and great personalities.

Georg Parlow

We’re very enthusiastic about collaborating with our business partners. There’s always more to be had – we make a difference and our customers know it. You’ll experience this when you meet us – we’re looking forward to it!